Lama Alpaka – the best impro group in Israel

Lama Alpaka was formed in 2001 by Yahav Gal, Amitay  Millo and Yuval Cohen. The idea was to put together a group which would specialize in Improvisational Theatre…

he members of Lama Alpaka are among the top Improvisation performers and improvisation teachers in Israel. Come and meet them >>

'Alpaka To Go' – On Demand Show
The members of Lama Alpaka are professionally acclaimed actors and have vast experience in the field of stage and acting – both nationally and internationally. Their main field of expertise is Improvisational theatre. And now, they're coming over to perform just for you!… Read more >>

Impro… what?
Improvisation, in its purest manner is – to go up on stage, without any preliminary preparation, and create a theatrical piece. As such, it draws directly from this realm of immediacy, as the performers do not engage in rehearsing and the actions on stage genuinely take place for the first time… Read more >>

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