About Lama Alpaka


Lama Alpaka was formed in 2001 by Yahav Gal, Amitay  Millo and Yuval Cohen – graduates of the class of 1999 at the Nissan Native Acting Studio, in Tel Aviv. The idea was to put together a group which would specialize in Improvisational Theatre. The group was joined by Mulli Schulman – also a graduate of the studio and together with musician Tami Barak, the group began extensive rehearsing.

The first performances focused on Short Form Improvisation sketches and took place at the 'Tmuna' theatre which served as group's 'home theatre' for the following 6 years. Tami Barak decided to leave the group and it was joined instead by actress Inbal Lori. The group had at this point decided on a new direction – rather than Short Form sketches, it attempted to find its own path in the world of Improvisational Theatre.

Various formats were performed by the group over the years: Short Form sketches, musical sketches (as part of a long and fruitful cooperation with musician Hagai Gintzburg), wild directing competitions with different "performer penalties", open shows and many more. Gradually the group established itself as the leading company in the field of Long Form Improvisation – A complete Improvised play based on a single audience suggestion (in most cases a word)

Since 2007 the group includes four members – Yuval Cohen, Yahav Gal and Amitay Millo – from the original group, joined by Ilan Popko – a renowned impro performer, member of the celebrated "Lo Roim Mi'Meter" improvisation group.

The members of Lama Alpaka are among the top Improvisation performers and improvisation teachers in Israel. Come and meet them.

The company performs regularly in Israel and also takes part in improvisation festivals worldwide.

In 2012 Lama Alpaka won the Israeli Improvisation Championship.

In 2010 the company won the Improcup competition which was held in Austria.

Lama Alpaka on stage