Alpaka To Go – On Demand Impro Show

'Alpaka To Go' – On Demand Impro Show

The members of Lama Alpaka are professionally acclaimed actors and have vast experience in the field of stage and acting – both nationally and internationally. Their main field of expertise is Improvisational theatre.

 And now, they're coming over to perform just for you!

Lama Alpaka's concept shows are the perfect answer to any company event, social gathering or professional convention. A theatrical spectacle made to fit the customer. The show is adjusted to accommodate the number of participants, the venue and the purpose of the gathering (A farewell party, a re-image event, an annual celebration and any other reason for a get-together)

The performance features a group of actors and a host. It is built of short comical sketches, part of which including audience participation – all based on information gathered in advanced.

It is a humorous and fast paced show maintaining the highest standards of the field – in other words, it's an intelligent act!

As preparation for the show a comprehensive background work is initiated to gather inside information, style, vision, gossip (inoffensive, naturally) and all the little nuances that make up the texture of an organization – all in order to allow the actors to perform as if they were a part of the group rather than outsiders.

It is possible to add a written sketch based on the social setting – for a bit extra…

Organization (the customer):

  • Lighting, Sound (2 individual microphones, 2 dynamic ones) and a stage of 3×4 meters (minimum).
  • Auditorium seating preferable.

For Reservations:
Please call 052-2343993 (Ilan)
Or contact us online.